Check back often, site updated hourly! was created to help people find great quality reclaimed and recycled-content items for their home or business. is a division of Conigliaro Industries, a Total Recycling Services company.  Founded in 1990, Conigliaro Industries ( has recycled in excess of 795 million pounds of material from homeowners, businesses, hotels, colleges and industrial facilities across the United States. 

Many of the items received have plenty of useful life left in them.  We began offering these perfectly reusable items for sale over twenty years ago and this part of our business continues to grow. 

In addition to reclaimed items, also offers buyers many "recycled-content" products, that is, products made with recycled materials.  Examples include our PolyCorn Packaging Peanuts which are made from 100% recycled expanded polystyrene, our Plas-Crete Blocks made with recycled mixed plastic aggregate ( and our planter boxes made from reclaimed wood. 

Please browse our online store or visit our facility in Framingham, MA often as our offerings are updated hourly!  When you buy from you'll save lots of money and help the environment - a win, win!