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  • PolyCorn Packaging Peanuts, 15 cf bag


    PolyCorn loose-fill packaging peanuts, made from 100% recycled Expanded Polystyrene Foam.  The Economical Choice for Loose-Fill Packaging “Peanuts”.  The introduction of PolyCorn is truly a breakthrough in void fill packaging. PolyCorn is the first loose-fill product to be made completely from recycled foams.  Every 15 cf bag created keeps over 32 cf of foam out of our already overtaxed landfills. Our feedstock comes from municipal recycling drop-off centers, computer assembly plants, businesses and even local residents. Truckloads, which previously went directly to landfills or incinerators, are now being diverted and remade in our plant.  Our 100% Recycled Loose-Fill Packaging will save you money and help the environment.